Christmas baubles are believed to have originated in a small village called Lauscha in Germany in the 17th Century. These became popular after a picture of Queen Victoria’s Christmas tree merged covered in in German glass ornaments. These were originally created and sold by Hans Greiner and Christoph Muller.

In the 1880’s, F W Woolworth of (Woolworth Stores fame) visited Lauscha and decided to import them to the United States. Making him millions.

Now most baubles are made by machine producing thousands per minute. The ones you see on this page are handcrafted and can take between 10 minutes and ½ hour dependant on pattern/colour etc. These are made by the mouth blown method and then annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for strength and durability.

Blue Bauble

This cool blue hollow blown bauble with unusual circle pattern in the glass would make a nice gift. Made with Borosilicate glass (Pyrex).Stand not included. Approx 5cm diameter, 6cm including the bail.

£ 11.50

Pink/Black Bauble

This unusual one off pink/black coloured bauble is hand blown in Borosilicate glass. It measures 6cm diameter and 6.5cm including the bail. Stand not included.

£ 12.50