The Ancient Egyptians were thought to be one of the first users of glass who regarded it as an artificial semi-precious stone. There many different types of glass and patterns used by glass artists nowadays in their jewellery.

Rogan Glass uses Borosilicate to make its glass necklace pendants. This glass is better known as ‘Pyrex’ which is also used for cookware and laboratory ware, and the majority of the glass is sourced from America. They are made with glass bails so can be hung on different chains/necklaces.

All pendants are discreetly signed by the artist and come gift boxed.

Small red borosilicate glass heart pendant

A lovely deep red heart pendant for the love of your life.
The pendant is ready to wear on a faux leather thong that features a lobster claw clasp.
Heart is approx. 20mm x 20mm x 30mm, and comes gift boxed.
You will receive a similar pendant to the one in the picture (size and slight shape variation occurs as each heart is unique.)
The Bail (hanging loop) is large enough to accommodate your favourite necklace. The heart is made by the lampwork/flamework method and is solid glass.

£ 14.50

Pink Ankh Pendant

This pale opaque pink Borosilicate glass pendant measures approx 5cm long by 3.5cm wide and comes with a black silk necklace. It is made by the lampworking method and annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.

£ 16.50

Multi Coloured Hollow Pendant

This vivid multi coloured pendant is hollow blown Borosilicate glass so quite lightweight. It measures approx 4.5cm long including the bail and 3cm wide. It comes with an 18 inch/46cm long leather thong.

£ 17.50

Navy/white/lilac Pendant

This hollow pendant is made by the mouth blown method, using cobalt blue,lilac and white glass. Approximately 3cm in diameter and comes with an 46cm/18 inch navy faux suede necklace.

£ 17.50

Skull Pendant

Unique skull pendant made from the colour double amber purple with a clear bail.

£ 25.00

Blue Flower Implosion Pendant

Very pretty flower implosion pendant with 18 inch blue faux suede necklace. 3cm diameter. Approx 4.5cm including the bail.

£ 26.50

Pink/Green/Blue Pendant

Unique Multi coloured pendant made of solid Borosilicate glass. Pink and green pattern with Cobalt blue background and clear bail. It measures approximately 3.5cm diameter and 5cm long including the bail.

£ 27.50

Spiral Galaxy Pendant

Cherry Red, turquoise, white and cobalt blue colours make up this spiral galaxy pendant. Approximately 4cm in diameter and comes with an 46cm/18 inch leather thong.

£ 27.50

Peardrop Pendant

This large pendant in cobalt blue and peacock cameleon which gives it a two tone turquoise look. Approximately 6cm long and comes with a 46cm/18 inch leather thong.

£ 32.50