Glass blowing originated in the Middle East around the 1st Century BC. By the Middle Ages Venice had become the foremost place for glass making on the Island of Murano.

Nowadays the majority of glassware is machine made. However some craftsmen remain using one of two major techniques – free blowing or mould blowing. Rogan Glass uses the free blowing technique by heating a tube over a very hot flame and inflating it by blowing into the tube. Colour is also added to the tube if required

All Vases and products are relieved of stress by computer controlled kiln technology.

Glass Vase 12

This green/yellow patterned handblown vase is made from Borosilicate (Pyrex) glass and measures 8cm high x 6cm wide. It is discreetly signed underneath by the artist.

Click on the picture for a closer look.

£ 20.00

Monochrome Vase black and white

Hand blown borosilicate bud vase created in my studio at the Gower Heritage Center.
A striking monochrome switch back reversal pattern gives this art glass vase a very unique look to compliment your living room.
Signed and gift boxed.
4.25" tall x 3" wide heavy walled glass.

£ 30.00

Borosilicate Flower Vase RG V SBR 8

A delightful piece of borosilicate glass to display a lovely bouquet perhaps picked on a romantic walk.
Height 110mm 4 1/4"
width 90mm 3 1/2"
Gift boxed, signed with a certificate of authenticity.

£ 35.00