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As a boy long before PC gaming, we played real kids games like "marbles". I often wondered how the marbles were made so round and how the coloured swirl got in there. That was the seed of curiosity of how it all began!

Back in 2009 during a long stint of unemployment I found myself drawn to watching Lampworking demonstration videos on You Tube. During that time Jean my Fiancée kindly took me on a holiday to Venice which included a trip to Murano Island. We were engrossed watching the demonstration of both "off hand glass blowing" and "lampworking", I found myself literally at home there immersed with all that that glass.

At that point I decided that glass was for me, so I did some research and enrolled on 2 Kiln Formed glass courses, which fortunately were held at my local College. By chance I found that one of the teachers was in fact a bead artist, so I took a lesson. (Thanks Dawn!) Although the glass was tricky, the instruction was excellent and I wanted to do more. Strange but true glass working is addictive! So be warned!

After buying a beginners kit consisting of a Hothead torch, Dididium glasses, a bunch of glass rods, mandrels, bead release and a fire blanket, I was away to go and have not looked back since. Upon positive feedback from friends and Facebook I decided to turn a hobby into a business opportunity.

Since that time Jean has been invaluable to me, and has decided to hop onboard Rogan Glass to assist me with jewellery design, wire working, marketing and book keeping as well as some research and more importantly to add the "woman's touch" to the business, so a big thank you to Jean!

In 2012 I began demonstrating Lampworking at crafting venues, including The Gower Heritage Centre, and look forward to continuing these exciting events.

With glass being such a versatile medium, there are always new techniques to learn and master, so my work keeps evolving. With this my skills base increases, and I have moved on to blowing smaller glass items such as vases, glass mushrooms, and clear whimsical glass animals including teddy bears, cats, hedgehogs and mice.

Take a look in the shop to see some of these designs.