Dragon Sculptures
Dragons have featured in folklore throughout history. These mythological creatures are shown in all shapes and sizes from Chinese dragons to more recently depicted dragons in the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

Animals thought to have probably inspired these dragons are lizards such as comodo dragons and reptiles like crocodiles. Dragons are even featured on the Welsh Flag and in stories such as St George and the Dragon.

Cymro The Red Dragon No 15

Cymro is Rogan Glass' character of The Red Dragon of Wales.
Hand sculpted from borosilicate glass on the Gower in his home country of Wales.
Cymro #15 is depicted about to fly from a cobalt blue paperweight.
The piece is signed on its base.
4.75" tall x 4" nose to tail tip.
Gift boxed.
Certificate of authenticity.

£ 45.00